An Israeli, World-Class Strategy Boutique

Our firm is strongly connected to the anchors of Israeli excellence and deeply rooted within the Israeli managerial style and logic. This means that our work is often more entrepreneurial, global, adaptive and decisive.

At the same time, we possess the analytic and methodological capacity necessary for fast development of new insights. We provide a quality decision-making platform for top management teams and we serve as an agent of change, especially in situations that require fundamental transformations. 

Our Values

Tempo: We believe that in order to deliver real value, strategy must be “brought to life” - that it must have the energy, movement, and speed that makes it truly vital and viable in the real world. We think of this quality as “tempo” and we focus on keeping this tempo from the analytical phase straight down to execution.

Creativity: Our creativity is sparked when our knowledge meets the specific challenges our clients face. We believe that finding innovative solutions is a fundamental part of our business and we consider an engagement successful only when we have done so.

Learning: Learning is a never-ending process of acquiring new knowledge through experience, reflection and study. We regard learning as essential to our work. We are always mindful that many of the most valuable lessons occur through our interaction with our clients, by questioning together the fundamental assumptions we have about "what we know".