About Our Alumni

Shaldor's consultants go on to influential positions in a wide variety of organizations. 

A majority of our alumni are employed in influential leadership roles in the Israeli market in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, finance, hi-tech, consumer goods, telecom, natural resources, venture capital, entrepreneurship and public service. 

Among our alumni are many senior executives and corporate strategists at top-tier organizations. 

In addition, Shaldor alumni who decide to embark upon M.B.A. studies have a remarkably high acceptance rate to the world's leading educational institutions. Our alumni have studied at Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, INSEAD, Booth and Kellogg and many other distinguished institutions around the world. Many of our alumni were offered significant scholarships to enroll in these institutions. 


Shaldor Alumni Network

We encourage our alumni to join us in our LinkedIn group.

Through our group, our alumni can keep up to date on Shaldor and its activities, enjoy job and career development opportunities, gain access to ideas and expertise, and explore new business and social ventures with other alumni in a variety of industries all over the world.