Shaldor offers an ideal career path for people who want to make an impact on the major strategic decisions of leading companies, who enjoy meeting intellectual challenges head-on, and who aspire to meaningful personal and professional growth.

Merit-Based Career Progression Path 

The progress of your career at Shaldor is determined by your ability and performance as a consultant. Career paths therefore vary from person to person. The stages of professional development at Shaldor – business analyst, consultant, senior consultant, team leader, case manager and client manager – typically require seven to eight years, although there may be different starting points or paces of development among our consultants.

Beyond Shaldor

While we recruit individuals who are committed to a career in strategy consulting and have the potential to grow into becoming leaders of our own organization, we recognize that not all of our consultants are going to complete Shaldor's full development path. If that is the case, you will be well equipped for a career as a strategist and a leader.

A majority of our graduates are employed in influential leadership roles in the Israeli market – in a wide variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, finance, high-tech, consumer goods, communication, natural resources, venture capital funds, entrepreneurship and the public sector.

In addition, Shaldor graduates who decided to embark upon M.B.A. studies have a remarkably high acceptance rate to the world's leading educational institutions, including Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, INSEAD, Booth and Kellogg. Many of our graduates were offered significant scholarships to enroll in these institutions.


A Culture of Constant Learning

Shaldor promotes a learning environment that accelerates its consultants' professional and personal growth. Professional development is an integral part of the Shaldor experience, beginning with the acquisition of basic consulting skills and continuing throughout one's career.

Through their work, Shaldor consultants acquire a unique set of skills. They are exposed to a wide range of industries, gain experience working with senior management, and develop an in-depth understanding of complex business situations.


Training Programs

Shaldor invests significantly in order to provide formal training during each of the first three years of your career. Such sessions cover everything from the basics of consulting (including market and financial analysis, interviewing and presenting, etc.), in-depth study of core disciplines (strategy, competition, BD, operations, organizational design, etc.) up to advanced skills such as managing analytical processes and developing client relationships.


Classroom-Style Lectures

Shaldor provides structured, content-rich training programs to its consultants to accelerate their professional development.


On-the-Job Training

Shaldor invests significantly in on-the-job training and ongoing coaching from a mentor. We see it as the major factor in helping consultants become exceptional professionals.

Annually, an in-depth review and dialogue is conducted personally with each consultant on the basis of the experience accumulated over the course of the year in order to address challenges together and set professional development goals for the coming year.