Deploying Strategic Intents

Having established the strategic direction, a high-performing organization deploys its strategic intents with high velocity and executes with all the energy required.

This means successively launching new business and operating models as well as developing new assets and competencies that position the company ahead of its competitors.

To do so in a systematic and relentless manner, we join forces with our clients in an original execution-driven management framework.

To learn more about how to leverage our in-depth experience and to address any aspect of the challenges listed here, we encourage you to initiate a dialogue with us. 


Establishing and running an effective execution campaign – Strategy is "an art all of execution" but execution is often more complex than planning. An energetic, synchronized and well-monitored campaign of rapid capability building and launching of new initiatives (often referred to as a PMO) maximizes the returns of a well-conceived strategy.

Creating innovative business models – Effective design of new business models is key to seizing upon discontinuities in the environment earlier, faster and more effectively than competitors. 

Managing JV's, M&A's and Post-Merger Integration – Careful planning of non-organic growth strategies and business development efforts is essential to ensure strategic fit, synergies and maximum "third-party" value creation.

Aligning people with strategy – Precise design of structure, processes and incentives provides the necessary foundation for successful execution of strategy.  

Upgrading critical capabilities – Well-designed and developed capabilities are at the heart of sustainable competitive advantage in the evolving core of the company’s business.