• Shaldor Introduces Strategy Consulting in Israel

    Shaldor, Israel’s first strategic consulting company, was founded by Sami Friedrich in 1984, following his experiences working in several global strategy consulting firms and serving in the Israeli public sector.

    Shaldor pioneered the use of strategy consulting in the Israeli business world together with Israel's leading companies that embraced the use of strategy to maximize their potential.

  • One Hundred Projects in a Variety of Industries

    By 1991, Shaldor completed its first 100 strategic engagements with companies spanning a range of industries, from consumer goods, financial services, and telecommunications, to high-tech, defense, healthcare, and the public sector.

  • Israel's Preferred Strategy Consultancy

    By the mid-1990s, Shaldor established itself as the strategy consultancy of choice for leading Israeli companies in industries including pharmaceuticals, food, textiles, banking, and telecommunications.

  • Growing with Our Clients

    At the turn of the millenium, Shaldor’s clients included market leaders in all of Israel’s major industries.

    During this period, Shaldor explored innovative approaches to corporate and business strategy, and carried out its first forays into globalization issues.

    Also during this period, Shaldor intensified its focus on specific areas, including organizational development, knowledge creation, and research capabilities.

  • Innovating Globalization

    Throughout the decade of the 2000s, Shaldor engaged in major projects with leading global and mid-sized organizations on competitive and global expansion strategies.

    During this period, Shaldor developed and implemented innovative strategies to facilitate its clients’ globalization efforts.

    At this time, Shaldor designed a new architecture for internal knowledge management, enabling clients to benefit from state-of-the-art methodologies in strategic management.

  • Helping Clients Achieve Sustained High

    Recently, Shaldor has become well-known for designing “operative strategies” both to support clients’ growth ambitions and to enable them to respond effectively to recession concerns.

    Shaldor’s innovative approach to strategy, Operative StrategyTM, has been fully fleshed out with a set of frameworks and tools that enable our clients to develop unique momentum as they progress towards their goals.