Maximizing Operational Impact

Organizations that are lean in their competitive race are those that excel in their operations in ways that are fully tuned with their strategic intents. This allows them to maximize the operational impact of their strategy and to achieve sustained high performance.

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Making the delivery-system efficient – Managing the company value-chain in a way that efficiently delivers on strategy often requires major transformation across all the stages of the value creation process.

Improving customer-experience – A comprehensive and integrative customer experience concept embedded across the entire value chain constitutes part of the organization's competitive positioning and is at the heart of any business model the organization deploys.

Rationalizing and focusing the product/service portfolio – To achieve portfolios that are balanced and aligned with strategy, organizations must ensure that the offering maximizes competitive benefits to customers at best use of internal resources.

Designing the performance metrics system  Performance metrics are important for linking long-term strategy with short-term actions. A strong performance metrics system communicates strategy, aligns work processes and enables guidance of behavior while remaining simple to comprehend and operate.

Driving profit-improvement and turnaround – A successful profit-improvement plan both "stops the bleeding” and puts the company on a path towards longer-term sustainability. Ensuring a successful turnaround requires simplifying operating processes, separating out activities that don't add significant value and achieving greater efficiency in execution.