Practicing Operative Strategy

Strategy and operations are two essential and mutually dependent pillars of business success because:

  • brilliantly-executed operations can never compensate for misconceived objectives or wrong choices
  • badly-run operations will destroy the promise of even the best strategic plan

Lack of integration between strategy and operations can be fatal for an organization because major decisions require difficult trade-offs between strategic ambition and operational constraints, and between strategic constraints and operational ambition. 

Success always requires excellence in strategy, excellence in operations, and excellence in integrating the two.

Shaldor has developed an innovative approach - Operative Strategy - that bridges between strategic intent and operational moves. The practice of Operative Strategy enables us to help our clients determine which competitive battles they should engage in, how to create the speed and power necessary to ensure victory, and how to deliver sustainable performance improvements.

Adopting an Emergent Strategy Mindset

In a fast-changing world, strategy can no longer consist of sticking to a predetermined, long-term course of action. Instead organizations need an emergent strategy mindset: the ability to maintain a coherent strategic direction while launching successive initiatives that are responsive to changing conditions on the ground. 

To apply emergent strategy requires establishing a management platform that enables the organization to clearly define goals and sustain adaptive processes.

Shaldor’s approach is rooted in emergent strategy: we believe that strategy is a journey of creativity and learning in which our clients periodically reevaluate and readjust themselves vis-a-vis their environment as part of an evolving process. 

Embracing Strategic Change

Operating in uncertain environments, organizations must be able to face new threats and seize new opportunities swiftly and forcefully, a process that often requires the organization to adapt and change.

The process of change often generates resistance on both the individual and the organizational level, resistance that may limit the company’s ability to shift to a new configuration with potential for superior performance.

To help organizations overcome such resistance and undertake the necessary change, we help them run a full "execution campaign". As part of such a campaign, we establish joint task forces to promote broad initiatives and design practical change management processes. Our strategic workshops help facilitate the quick transition from new ideas to successful implementation.

Leveraging Strategic Expertise with the Strongest Industry-Knowledge Available Globally

Shaldor’s activities are based on our proven ability to set up a “global panel of expertise” for each strategic assignment. These panels connect Shaldor teams with industry experts in targeted markets and senior managers in relevant organizations worldwide. Together we integrate cutting-edge industry knowledge and on-the-ground data into our research and benchmarks. 

The network of industry experts to which we have access gives us the depth and breadth needed to develop and validate strategic alternatives. In each engagement, we use pools of experts from around the world to gather relevant case studies, benchmark operational parameters, map industry trends and validate innovative concepts.

Combining our expertise in strategic management with specific industry and market knowledge results in a deep understanding of the environment, and enables us to provide a realistic assessment of the feasibility of new strategic approaches.