Managing Strategy at the Top

Managing strategy at the top is about putting in place a management platform that enables connecting the organization's long-term vision with specific strategic goals.

We help Boards, CEO's and their top teams create the overarching framework and the management platform within which the organization can effectively set its strategic direction, deploy its key strategic initiatives and maximize operational impact. 


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Establishing long-term vision – Defining and tuning a clear and compelling vision is crucial for unifying and focusing the organization's efforts. 

Linking strategy and governance – Effective Board involvement in the organization's strategic process enhances the nature and extent of the organization's strategic thinking.

Designing the office of the CEO – Optimal design of the center's multiple roles is pivotal for effectively conceiving and executing strategy. 

Managing leadership talent and CEO succession – Corporate agenda and CEO succession are deeply interrelated. Effective governance addresses both simultaneously.

Running the strategic management process – Strategic management is not what it used to be. It is changing from traditional goal setting to steering of strategic ideas and process. 

Linking strategy and market-valuation – Building shareholder value requires effectively linking strategic moves and capital structure management.