Why Shaldor?

A career at Shaldor is a personal growth experience that is unique in the consulting landscape.

There are many ways in which we differ from typical consulting firms, including:

Real Impact: If you are looking for an opportunity to influence client decision-making, Shaldor is the place for you. Over the years, Shaldor has played a key role in critical decisions made by major companies, many of them world leaders in their respective industries. Members of the Shaldor team have an opportunity to influence client decision-making in a meaningful and long-lasting way.

Diverse Challenges: You will work with clients from a broad range of organizations and industries. Each of our clients faces unique problems that require expertise in strategic management and the ability to custom-design the appropriate solution. This exposure to a wide range of challenges ensures that the work of Shaldor consultants is never routine.

Outstanding Team: You will join a team of consultants with a record of distinction, who are passionate about their work, who are driven to make a difference for their clients, and who truly understand that success depends on trust and cooperation.

Accelerated Learning: You will be coached by seasoned professionals, participate in structured training sessions, and benefit from an advanced knowledge system that supports the development of your consulting skills. As a result, your professional development will be not only rapid but also substantial.

Professional Culture: We are proud of our professional culture which combines the search for excellence with camaraderie, allowing consultants to reach their full potential in an atmosphere that is truly supportive and enjoyable.


What is Strategy Consulting?

Strategy Consulting is considered the most challenging and most rewarding branch of the Management Consulting industry.

In the strategy consulting process, a team of consultants offers assistance to top management of organizations in the most complex and influential challenges the organization faces when dealing with its survival and prosperity.

Shaldor: Leading Strategy Consultancy in Israel

Shaldor is the leading and most experienced strategy consulting practice in Israel. Shaldor employs the largest group of professional Israeli consultants focused on strategy and engages with the most senior levels of management of the largest organizations in Israeli society.

We provide strategic solutions that are based on creative insights, state-of-the-art methodologies and in-depth research. We help our clients manage complex issues, in order to achieve high levels of performance in execution.

Part of what makes us unique derives from our fit to the pace and culture of Israeli management. Therefore, we emphasize values such as creativity, flexibility and decisiveness as part of the design of innovative and breakthrough solutions.

As a strategy boutique, we specialize in business situations that are competition-intensive. We help organizations compete more effectively and assist policy-makers in strengthening the competitiveness of markets.

Shaldor's Areas of Activity

Most of our activity is focused on $100M+ global organizations. Over the years, Shaldor teams have provided solutions for the most challenging and complex strategic issues in hundreds of projects across a wide variety of industries – high-tech, telecom, finance, consumer goods, media, pharmaceuticals and more. Shaldor has also assisted government agencies and third sector organizations, in many cases pro-bono.