Your First Year at Shaldor

During your first year, you will immediately begin making a difference to our clients. You will be a member of a team addressing a client’s complex challenges, and you will have responsibility for leading one aspect of the project. Each assignment will be different - the industries, the issues, and the teams you will be part of will vary from project to project. One day may be dedicated to meeting with clients to learn about their company, the next day to analyzing their industry and their competitors, and the day after that to preparing a financial model.

During your first year, you will participate in the following activities:

Research – interviews with clients, competitors and industry experts; gathering information from various sources.

Analysis – market dynamics, competitor analysis, industry structure, segmentation of markets, operating processes in companies, cost structure.


Financial models – estimating potential in current/new markets, business modeling, investment potential, company valuation.

Market surveys and focus groups – planning, steering and analyzing market surveys and focus groups with market research companies.

Communication and Presentation – presenting complex data effectively; supporting your recommendations in a logical, clear and organized manner.

Client Meetings – participation in meetings and presentations with the client.

Recommendations – towards the end of the first year you will begin to translate the results of your analysis into practical recommendations.

Your integration as a first-year consultant into the work of the team will increase with time, based on your performance. As your contributions to your team increase, you will take on more responsibility and work more autonomously.


Life at Shaldor


Life at Shaldor extends beyond the meeting rooms and the computer screens.

We work closely together as teammates and also enjoy spending time together during and after work hours - whether it's at one of Shaldor's company events or a casual get-together after work.

In many cases, we form close relationships with one another and develop friendships that last long after the current project ends.

Shaldor's culture is distinct in the field of strategy consulting. We embrace open communication, we value autonomy and flexibility in work and enjoy the work that we do.