Are You the Right Candidate?

The main quality we look for is EXCELLENCE: A record of distinction in your studies,
in your professional career and/or in your personal background

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Specifically, we look for candidates with unique qualities and abilities
that SET THEM APART from their peers

    An outstanding capability for

    analytical thinking

    The ability to think in

    abstract and integrative ways

    Flexible, original

    and creative thinking


    communication skills

    The ability to work

    in a team

    Initiative, curiosity

    and fast learning skills

    The ability to execute complex

    tasks under pressure

    A strong motivation

    to make an impact

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Our Recruiting Process

We are ALWAYS recruiting more talent to our team.

We invest significant efforts in selecting the most suitable candidates
through an open and adapted process. Our recruiting process takes 6-8 weeks.


Written Exam

Practice Test

Case Interviews


Group Case


Final Round

The recruiting process has two objectives:

It allows us to assess your professional character, capabilities and skills
It enables you to gain a thorough understanding of who we are,
what we do and the types of challenges you will encounter in your work at Shaldor

Entry Positions

Whom are we looking for?
  • M.B.A graduates / M.A graduates in business-related fields (other fields such as law, engineering or life science can be included on an individual case)
  • B.A./B.Sc./ M.A./ M.Sc. graduates with several years of relevant work experience
What will you do?
  • Execute tailored, self-defined, research and analysis of markets and industries
  • Interview senior experts, clients' customers, competitors, suppliers and employers
  • Write full-fledged analytical chapters for strategic plans, budget/work plans, acquisition or investments plans
  • Have the opportunity to present results to client management and implementing recommendations in collaboration with client team members
Whom are we looking for?
  • B.A./M.A. Graduates (or near completion) from business-related fields, law or humanities honor programs
  • B.Sc./M.Sc. Graduates (or near completion) in mathematics, physics, engineering, computer science or life sciences
What will you do?
  • Conduct primary and secondary research on markets and industries
  • Interview clients' customers, competitors, suppliers and employers
  • Perform rigorous analysis to reach practical recommendations for clients
  • Use the most advanced automated tools for developing new intelligence
Whom are we looking for?
  • B.A. students from business-related fields, law or humanities honor programs, heading their final year of studies
  • B.Sc. students in mathematics, physics, engineering, computer science or life sciences, heading their final year of studies
What will you do?
  • Interns are given the opportunity to experiment with the different types of the analysts’ work
  • Each intern is assigned to one project and works jointly with other team members
  • The internship program duration is 8-10 weeks during the summer break (mid-July – mid-September)

Meet Us on Campus


  • What constitutes a typical day at work for a consultant?
    There is no such thing as a "typical day" for a consultant at Shaldor. The work is very dynamic and depends on the type and current stage of the project. Assignments for beginning consultants include: fact-finding, research and analysis of markets and trends; interviews with industry experts; presentation of findings and insights to clients; building economic and financial models; and internal brain-storming sessions.
  • How many individuals does Shaldor recruit each year?
    We do not have a limit for the number of individuals we recruit each year. Every candidate that has the capabilities and requirements
    we seek will be recruited. From our experience, we usually identify between 8-12 candidates a year that fit our unique requirements.

  • What are the academic and professional backgrounds of Shaldor's consultants?
    Shaldor consultants possess a wide variety of academic and professional backgrounds. In terms of academics, Shaldor consultants come primarily but not solely from business management or science / engineering backgrounds, and we are open to distinctive candidates with legal or humanities backgrounds. The common characteristics among Shaldor consultants include strong analytical abilities, leadership potential, interpersonal skills and a record of distinct achievement.
  • Does Shaldor have a job opening for students?
    We offer students a two-month summer internship position prior to the last year of their studies. This enables the selected individuals to get a taste of the business world in general, and the fascinating world of strategic consulting in particular. Also, students on their last year who can integrate demanding position alongside their studies can join the Shaldor team in the relevant position.
  • How long do client engagements typically last?
    Our projects typically last from two to six months.
  • Are consultants expected to work on multiple projects simultaneously?
    Analysts and beginning Associates work on one project only at a time. Consultants may find themselves working on multiple client projects and internal Shaldor organizational development efforts.